Your Best Body Workout – 2011


أربع خطوات لخسارة الوزن دون حمية

حقيقة غير قابلة للنقاش

1- الحميات الغذائية غير فعّالة.
أثبتت الأبحاث طوال 25 عاماً أن 9 % فقط من الحميات الغذائية أحرزت نجاحاً (91 % فشل).
غالباً ما يكسب الإنسان وزناً إضافياً على وزنه الأصلي، أي قبل اتباع الحمية الغذائية.
هذه الخطوات الأربع هي أحد أكثر الأنظمة (أسلوب حياة) فعالية لخسارة الوزن.
5- تشير الدراسات المتقدّمة والتقنيات النفسية إلى أسلوب الحياة الغذائي للرشيقات، فخسارة الوزن غير مرتبطة فقط بالغذاء والرياضة بل بإعادة برمجة ذهنية وأسلوب تناول الطعام أيضاً.
أربع خطوات هي أسلوب حياة ساعدت ملايين الناس في كل العالم.
أثبتت الدراسات المستقلة والموضوعية نجاح هذه الخطوات بنسبة 71 %. اتّبعيها.
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Exercise Tactics To Lose Weight

Here is your weight loss strategy

  • Increase your resting metabolism
  • Reduce your calorie intake
  • Quickly burn calories during cardio and weight workouts

Exercise Tactics

Exercise twice a day – One 20 minutes workout in the morning and another one in the evening.

Do weights once every second day – Getting muscle will help your body burn more fat. The muscle takes a lot of calories to maintain while fat takes nearly none.

Split your cardio workouts between high and low intensity – High intensity to burn a lot of carbs off and low intensity to finish of the fat hanging around

Cardio is 20 minutes of hard cardio – Hard cardio is defined as keeping your heartrate up around 80% of your max. This will raise your metabolism for a long time 12 – 24 hours.

Walking or casual exercise can be an hour long – This is a great way to burn fat as you can exercise low impact by walking for an hour.

Weights should be basic exercises – Basic exercises are things like squats, bench presses, lunges, military presses. These exercises work a lot of muscle groups at once.

Healing between workouts is most important – Now that you are working out it is a good idea to get a lot of rest and sleep so that your body can recover. Your body only recovers when you are sleeping or at least resting.



How can breathing help me lose weight?

Your cells always have two choices – they either release energy or they form fat. By forming fat, cells can process food with less oxygen. It’s oxygen that provides the fuel to produce the energy. Unfortunately, if you’re not breathing properly, you’re not delivering enough oxygen to your cells and they’re forced (practically at gunpoint) to use the “low oxygen” or fat storing processing route. That’s why overweight people often feel tired. Their cells aren’t releasing enough energy. It’s also why football players wear those funny looking “breath strips,” specially designed to keep the nasal passages open and the oxygen flowing. They need all the energy they can get. Continue reading

Work Out Q&A

It’s not the fat burned during exercise that matters, it’s the fat burned between your exercise sessions that really counts. Worrying about how much fat you burn during exercise makes as much sense as wondering how much muscle you’re building while lifting. (You don’t actually build muscle during training; you break it down to trigger growth.) Exercise is the catalyst for change, not the change itself. During a high-intensity workout, your body burns carbohydrates and creatine instead of fat. But—and this is a great “but”—it stimulates your metabolism, which in turn attacks your fat stores between workouts. So go ahead and eat beforehand. You’ll need the fuel to make it a worthwhile workout.

Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

  • Assuming “Healthy” is Synonymous with Low-Calorie

    Whole grain foods, olive oil, nuts, avocados, and Salmon are really good for  you. They are also dense foods that tend to be high in calories. On a controlled  calorie diet you need to figure out which healthy foods are highest in calories  and eat those only in moderation. Eat only small portions of these foods, and in  moderation.

    Popular snacks like peanuts and avocados are full of healthy fats, but fat  has 9 calories per gram and opposed to the 4 calories per gram of protein and  carbohydrate. Whole grain bread and pasta are easy to eat because you can mix a  million other foods with them. Instead of a tuna sandwich, choose a tuna salad.  Instead of whole grain pasta with chicken and broccoli, stick with just the  chicken and broccoli.

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